About Us

We are a small team of volunteers who respond to 999 and 111 calls across Earley, Lower Earley, Shinfield, Whitley, Woodley and Whiteknights.

We are fully trained and supported by the Ambulance Service in Basic Life Support, use of Automatic External Defibrillation, Oxygen Therapy and Wound Management.

Responders typically are based from home with a phone and equipment and travel to calls in their own vehicle obeying normal traffic laws.  Due to their close location to the dispatch point they will normally arrive ahead of an ambulance or rapid response vehicle, or may be sent as backup to a single manned vehicle.

You can support us by:

  • Becoming a responder and joining our team
  • Helping us raise funds for additional equipment including a dedicated vehicle
  • Donating to our group (via the regional registered charity)

Meet the Team

Mark – Volunteer Scheme Coordinator
Mark keeps us all in check and represents our scheme and provides the main link with the ambulance service.  Mark is also a Public Governor of South Central Ambulance Foundation NHS Trust.  During the day Mark runs a successful and local First Aid Training and Event cover company.

Paul – Volunteer Responder
Paul responds both from home in Lower Earley and on the Reading DRV (Dynamic Response Vehicle). During the day Paul is a teacher of Outdoor Education in a school and a IT consultant.

James – Volunteer Responder

James responds from home both during the day and at night depending on his shift pattern with work. He has been interested in emergency work for many years due to his family needing help a lot before. James is considering moving into the ambulance career but currently he works in IT support at a Data centre in Surrey.

Pete – Volunteer Responder

Pete responds from his home in Lower Earley at different times of day and night depending on his shift pattern with work. Pete’s day job is a critical services engineer at a Data centre in Berkshire; so when he’s not caring for equipment, he’s ready to care for those who need medical assistance.

You – Volunteer Responder, Fundraiser, Supporter
Could you be the next person to join our team and give us a few hours each month?