Call Count February 2017

During February we attended a total of 11 calls as follows:

Breathing Problems 2
Cardiac 0
Stroke/Neuro 0
Medical 0
Bleeding 0
Chest Pain 1
Trauma 0
Allergic Reaction 1
Stand down 3
Abdominal Pain 1
Other 3
Total Calls 11

Call Count January 2017

During January we had a total of 15 calls including:

Analysis Count
Breathing Problems 2
Cardiac 0
Stroke/Neuro 0
Medical 1
Bleeding 0
Chest Pain 1
Trauma 1
Allergic Reaction 1
Stand down 2
Abdominal Pain 0
Uncategorised 10
Total Calls 18

£1000 Grant Received

Monday 9 January 2017 we kindly received a grant of £1000 from Persimmon Homes Community Champion Scheme as a match funding for a new Responder Kit.  This kit will enable our scheme to provide more hours on-call and support a greater number of volunteers.  Each kit contains life-saving equipment including a Automated External Defibrillator, Oxygen and dressings, along with a Phone and Pager with GPS tracking linked to the Ambulance Emergency Operations Centre.

Call Count December 2016

We had 22 calls during december including:

Allergic reaction



Heart attack/cardiac x4

Medical illness x3

Collapse x3

Chest Pain x4


Unconscious x2


Breathing difficulties

Call count November 2016

We had 11 calls during November (6 were on 1 day!)

Calls included:

Breathing difficulties

Chest Pains

Possible sepsis

Possible meningitis


Call count October 2016

1x Red call for chest pain (cardiac)

3x Red call for breathing difficulties

1x stand down (re-routed to another call)

Call Count September 2016

We have attended the following in our area

1 Red call for paediatric breathing difficulties
1 Red call for breathing difficulties

2 Red calls for head injury

1 Red call for allergic reaction

Whilst out on the Dynamic Response Vehicle we have attended:

1 Red call for breathing difficulties

Call Count August 2016

It was a quiet month without any calls to our group, however 2 of our responders spent 6 hours manning the Dynamic Response Vehicle which was stationed within Early for the evening and attended 2 calls outside of our area.

Callout count July 2016

In July 2016 we have attended

2 Calls

1x Breathing problems – Red1

1x Stand down

We have also attended 3 calls in 2 shifts on the Dynamic Response Vehicle in the Reading area.

Hawkedon Primary School Fete

Come along and say hello to some of our team on Saturday 9th July from 12-4. We are supporting the school fete and will be there with the area Dynamic Response Vehicle.

We are being supported by Mark the Medic from ABC Medical Services and will be giving basic advice on how to use a automatic defibrillator and give CPR.

You can also find out what it’s like being a volunteer community responder and how you can support us either through joining our team or helping us fundraise.