Whilst we are supported by South Central Ambulance (SCAS), the First Responders are a registered charity, run, manned and supported by volunteers and donations.

What for?

Initial equipment outlay e.g. bags, AED

Navigation & detailed call information systems

Dedicated vehicle – this not only provides a presence but allows us to carry additional specialist equipment

We can only provide this vital local lifesaving service through our charity, as the CFR scheme is 100% funded by public donation. We understand that not everyone wants to take on the role of community first responder, but there are other ways you can help. A great way to show your appreciation for the community first responders in your area would be to help raise funds for them.

Each scheme costs about £3000 to set up, and we need to raise the money for new schemes, but also fund the ongoing work of these vital volunteers. All the equipment used by local CFRs is paid for through voluntary contributions:

£ 18 pays for a replacement set of defibrillator pads
£156 pays for a defibrillator battery
£180 pays for the annual rental charges on a CFR emergency pager
£1000 pays for a new automated external defibrillator
£2000 pays for a new, full first responder medical kit

Your local group would be very grateful of any support you can give them to help raise funds that they can put to good use in your local community.