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Can your house number be seen?

Can your house number be seen?

Ensuring your house number can be seen, switching on lights and opening curtains can save valuable time trying to locate you.

Paul & Kirsty staff the DRV

Paul and Kirsty can be found out and about on the Reading Dynamic Response Vehicle each month as part of the extended team of CFR volunteers from across the Reading area who provide their time to man this vehicle.  The DRV carries additional clinical resources to incidents which aren’t available to all CFRs.

Donate your new fiver

Why not donate your first new five pound note to the South Central Ambulance Charity to help support your local CFRs.

Did you know:
– It costs £10 to supply a T-Shirt uniform to a CFR
– Replacement AED pads cost £18
– A phone and pager for a year cost £200
– To train and equip a CFR costs £2000
– To purchase a dedicated scheme vehicle costs £10000-£20000 depending upon specification